Maybe you're a performer,

an exceptional performer,  who's really passionate about voice training and you've spent the lat year of your life feeling a little lost, confused, or helpless on how to make ends meet in our current performing arts industry. You're interested in the financial stability and schedule freedom that running your own voice studio has to offer you, you just have no idea where to start.

Or maybe you're already a voice teacher with a flourishing studio, but it's been... let's say... a hot minute since you've taken a pedagogy or anatomy course. Maybe you've never had pedagogy or anatomy paired with function for the singer and you want to re-inspire the work of your students and yourself with the most up-to-date, cutting edge information.

You might even be a recent graduate with a fresh new degree in Voice Performance or Voice Pedagogy, but the majority of your training in that degree was centered around the western classical tradition and you know you're going to need more tools to help the prospective students in your studio sing the commercial/contemporary styles you know they're going to want to sing with ease and efficiency. 

Well, rockstar, you've come to the right place!  No matter where you fall on that spectrum, I got you. 

VOICE FUNCTION 101 is the first ever chapter in our Evidence Based Voicework Pedagogy Program, and I couldn't be more thrilled that you can be here to experience it.

How does it work? This program consists of eight modules across ten weeks. Each module includes three components.

1. An asynchronous pre-recorded lecture by yours truly, delivered to you at the beginning of the week.

2. An application call. This is were we come together in a live zoom meeting to go over student scenarios and solutions to help you with your student success rate in the studio.

3. A quiz! Yes. A quiz. Why? 

Because at the end of this course you will receive a Level 1  Certification in Evidence Based Voicework from Maddie Tarbox Vocal Studio and the quiz acts as an evaluation tool for your success in each of these modules. 

You will be a different teacher at the end of this program, I can guarantee you that. So get your tush registered NOW, so we can start building your studio.