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Voice Funtion 101



Register for both courses today and you get the BUNDLE DISCOUNT + fee free financing.

that's up to $120 in value

But first,

a sneak peek.

Asynchronous lecture vibe

Application call vibe

Now, all the deets.


Maybe you're a performer and

you're reeeeeally passionate about voice training

but you've spent the last little bit of your life feeling a

little lost, confused, or helpless on how to make ends meet in

our current performing arts industry. You're interested in the financial stability and schedule freedom that running your own voice studio has to offer you, you just have

no idea where to start.

Or maybe you're already a voice teacher with a flourishing studio, but it's been... let's say... a *hot minute* since

you've taken a pedagogy or anatomy course. Maybe

you've never had pedagogy or anatomy with evidence-based practices at the center, and you want to re-inspire the work of your students and yourself with the most up-to-date,

cutting edge information.

You might even hold several degrees in

Voice Performance or Voice Pedagogy, but the majority of your training in that degree was centered around the western classical tradition and you know you're going to need more tools to help the students in your studio sing the commercial/contemporary styles they're constantly

asking for with ease and efficiency. 


Well, FRIEND, you've come to the right place!  No matter where you fall on that spectrum, I got you.


Allow me to introduce "Voice function 101", our teacher certification program focuses on helping teachers align themselves with anatomy, function, and evidence based practices through a contemporary lens.

May 21st - July 9th


Now Open Facebook Post.jpg

(with up to 12 month installment financing)

Save even more when you bundle!

How does it work? This program consists of eight modules across eight weeks. Module 1: Inhalation. Module 2: Exhalation. Module 3: Phonation. Module 4: Resonance Module 5: Articulation. Module 6: Alignment. Module 7: Motor Learning. Module 8: Putting it together.


Each module includes three components.

1. An asynchronous pre-recorded lecture by yours truly, delivered to you at the beginning of the week.

2. An application call. This is were we come together in a live zoom meeting to go over student scenarios and solutions to help you with your student success rate in the studio.

3. A quiz! Yes. A quiz. Why? 

Because at the end of this course you will receive a Level 1 Certification in Evidence Based Voicework from Maddie Tarbox Vocal Studio and the quiz acts as an evaluation tool for your success in each of these modules.


But, Maddie, what if I have conflicts with the application call days? Not to worry! Every week the application call is emailed to you so you can stay up on all the goods even if your schedule has other plans. 

You will be a different teacher at the end of this program, I can guarantee you that. What are you waiting for? Let's do this thing. Let's get singing!


June 26th - July 17th

So you're committed. You're in it.


You've either completed your Level 1 certification, or you're ready to dig in deep this year and get certified in BOTH LEVELS of our Evidence Based Voicework Pedagogy Program (and might I say,

we are HERE FOR IT).

You recognize that the crucial foundation that is your understanding of anatomy/function only scratches the surface of all the amazingness you can offer your students. And you're hungry for more.

As I like to say over here... I GOT YOU.

Enter "Mechanics of Mix and Belt":

our Level 2 Teacher Certification course focused on helping teachers develop and refine a reliable system for teaching the singers faced with the registration demands of popular music today

(let's be honest, it's a LOT).


How does this one work? Mechanics of Mix and Belt runs similar to Voice Function 101, only it's half the time. 


Copy of Now Open Facebook Post (Instagram Post).jpg

Four Modules across four weeks. Each module still contains the three components that help us soar through VF101.

1. An asynchronous pre-recorded lecture by yours truly, delivered to you at the beginning of the week.


2. An application call with your fellow teachers via Zoom at the time of your choosing covering student scenarios/solutions (basically all the exercises you could ever want).

3. A quiz on all the goods covered that week.

This course is designed to run parallel with the last four weeks of Voice Function 101 so that if you choose to register for both, you still get a solid foundation before you dig into the nitty gritty details of Level 2.

So if you're ready to take the bull by the horns and create a refined system for teaching registration that actually works, it's time to get registered.


Let's do this, team. Let's get singing.

Mechanics of Mix and Belt


 (with up to 12 month installment financing)
Save even more when you bundle!

What makes us different?

Maddie Millenial Pink.PNG

There are a slew of truly exceptional

pedagogy training programs out there. I've done many of them MYSELF and can whole-heartedly recommend a number of them (cause we love that good spiral learning, ya know?).

But I often get asked, how is this one different?

What are the perks that are unique to us?

OH, FRIEND, I would love to tell you!

First, TIME.

You get your TIME deeply respected.

We get the same invalubale concepts (and then some) in an especially compact format spread out across 8-10 weeks.

Compact, meaning the lectures are no longer than 20 minutes long, and the application calls are only 1 hour.

This helps us avoid that information burn-out we know all too well.

Spread out, meaning you get a whole week between each module to apply the info we've learned in your own studio. That way, when those inevitable challenges show up there's space to come back

next week and ask clarifying questions. 


The information is scaffolded in a way that each principle really builds on top of another so that by the time you're done, you really understand the intricacies of the instrument AND how to support the singers in your studio with that understanding.



This program is fully designed to

serve teachers online in a way that, let's put it plainly,  doesn't suck the life out of you


So, not only do you not have to travel or put your life on pause for a big long consecutive program, but the online aspect of it is not an afterthought.

It's tailor made for

this experience.

Personalized Attention

We keep this thing small. On purpose. 


We cap each program at 30 people per cohort because I want it to feel more hands-on and personal.

We take time to really get to know each other. We know your faces, names, your studios, your weekly wins, and all the struggles along the way.

It's like getting together with your BBFs on the weekend EXCEPT WE ACTUALLY WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR NERDY


Busy Schedule Inclusive!

This thing is designed so that you

can do the entire thing asynchronously (you know, in case our schedules don't quite line up for the application calls). We know you're busy. We know you can't always move stuff around to make these programs work. Don't worry, We got you. #replays



Because of the smaller cohort, I am able to give each member of the cohort direct access to reach out personally throughout the program. Yup. Ask me all the questions. For real.

Resources GALORE

As a member of our cohort, you get all our fun supplemental resources! Info graphics, exercise scripts, module notes, all for you to use and refer back to any time.

And the big secret perk?

you become an automatic member of...


our very own ped-head support group


connect online with our other "ped-heads"
(referrals, promotions and all)


ped-head primers
live monthly trainings with the industry's best
(only applicable to live trainings, not the ped-head primer library)


teaching hours
(drop in to observe my online studio)


+ bookings with me

(cause we don't open that up to the public)


access to our "observation on demand" playlist

(where you can observe Maddie's teaching, but on your own time)

$150/month value
(wile enrolled in VF101)

Dream Team
Client Raves

What's everybody saying?


PXL_20210720_011806447 copy - Renée Landry.jpeg

Voice Function 101 was everything I hoped it would be. I was burnt out from teaching and in a rut. Enrolling in this program really brought me back to life. Not only did it reassure me that I was in fact teaching effectively, but it gave me so much more knowledge and so many more tools to be the best coach I can be for my students. Plus Maddie is such a boss and so intelligent! It was absolutely wonderful getting to work with her every week. I even really miss the weekly application calls now that I'm graduated. Can't wait to come back for more! 

This program is phenomenal. Maddie covers so much information in such a short period of time while somehow still making it digestible and applicable. It has truly inspired me to eventually pursue a Masters in Vocal Pedagogy. (Literally what!?) I can't recommend this course enough.

Crystal2020-11x17-Retouched - Crystal Stark_edited.jpg
7C908196-750F-44CF-8A0D-AAD30129B89C - DavidB_edited.jpg

Value for money!!! Maddie’s gift and skill of teaching is impeccable. The information balanced with transparency and honesty was a breath of fresh air for me! I feel seen, validated and equipped. I have also been challenged to be a better teacher and I can see changes already.

DAVID OLUWAFERANMI BALOGUN - U.K. - IG: @dbvocalworkshop

I had never studied pedagogy before and Maddie's Voice Function 101 is a total game changer. She has this incredible ability to explain complicated concepts in digestible and understandable ways, empowering her students with immediate lightbulb moments and practical application. Every lecture was gold as far as information goes and I felt completely excited and curious to take what I'd learnt back into my studio and begin applying it. I loved the application calls which gave me the opportunity to meet vocal coaches from varying backgrounds and hear their ideas, opinions and approaches. Not only was the course a game changer for me as a vocal coach, but it has given me even further understanding of how to assess and improve my own voice. I loved every minute of this experience and I would highly recommend it for Vocal Coaches and singers everywhere!

SAMANTHA LANDERS - Durban, South Africa -

_DS39115a - Samantha Landers_edited.jpg
Registers Music Head Shot - Registers Music_edited.jpg

Voice Function 101 has restored so much confidence in my own teaching. I came at the course after completing a number of high-level pedagogy programs and not only did it still help me connect the dots on a lot of what I have learned over the last 10 years but also really pushed me to take my voice teaching to the next level. 10/10 would highly recommend!

MATT DELL - Canada - - IG: @registersmusic

This summer I learned more than I could've ever imagined. Training with Maddie was life changing. This course is beautifully put together and you can tell how much Maddie cares. The quality of my voice lessons have improved immensely and as a teacher I feel much more confident. I'm inspired to continue learning more and to sign up for future courses. I'm also super grateful to have met so many amazing voice teachers. It truly was the best eight weeks!

HEADSHOT - Jillian Caillouette_edited.jpg

What are you waiting for?

Let's do this thing.

Let's get singing.

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