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M A D D I E  T A R B O X

A B O U T 

Maddie is a D.C. based stage actress and vocal pedagogue born and raised in Northern Utah. She received her Masters of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of Central Florida and her Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theatre from Weber State University in Utah. She currently serves on the Voice Faculty for Musical Theatre at Shenandoah University where she will receive her Masters in Music - Voice Pedagogy - CCM  this spring.  

In addition to a full life of performing, Maddie runs her own professional voice studio in the Washington DC area, serving artists who perform a wide range of styles from musical theatre and pop to rock and jazz. Students have gone on to perform with such companies as Arena Stage, Signature Theatre, Wooly Mammoth, Round House as well as national broadway tours.  Balancing her passion for performance and vocal pedagogy is what Maddie loves best.


When she's not performing or teaching, Maddie enjoys spending her time exploring the beauty of rural Virginia and the Shenandoah with her wonderful husband, Connor. Together they live one crazy-artist life.

Want to get to know Maddie a little more in-depth? 

She was recently featured on the

Pepperfox Podcast.

For 35 minutes Maddie and Pepperbox Host Bre Welch chat voice, acting, grad school, marriage,

and the power of just being yourself. Go check it out!

Pepperbox Podcast
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