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Evidence-Based Voice Training

Training propelled by science.

Voice training has changed a great deal in the 21st Century.  The days when it was believed you had to train classically to achieve any level of health or legitimacy are fading and a new wave of voice development is beginning to unfold. Much of this is propelled by the rising demands placed on our performers. They are asked to jump from style to style and show to show, often accomplishing gymnastic feats that vocalists of the previous decade could not have imagined. These demands have forced us as pedagogues to study, research, and develop tangible methods of improving voice performance across all genres.


Evidence-based, functional training focuses on the muscular coordination of the numerous aspects of the vocal mechanism in solidifying efficiency for the modern-day performer. Utilizing the fundamentals of exercise science paired with new and improved voice science, we can build technique through a custom plan tailored to help you attain your goals.




Voice Training for the Artist

Training propelled by heart

Singing is an inherent form of artistic expression, a catalyst for telling stories. While an approach focusing entirely on functional technique would foster beautiful sounds, it does not provide the singer with the necessary skills to convey a truly moving performance.


Whether a singer's preferred genre lies more with pop/rock, jazz, R&B, or musical theatre, it is their responsibility to be in service of the words and the story they are telling. This is not an easy task and one that requires as much heartfelt intentionality as vocal technique.

With artistry being at the center of our work, singers can develop performance skills including vulnerability, focus, verbal prowess, character building, and a personal connection to each moment of their performance all while balancing sustainable technique. Come learn how to best tell your story.


Life-long learning

Training propelled by knowledge

The information available to voice technicians today is vastly different from what was available even ten years ago, and the bank of knowledge continues to grow. In addition, each individual voice is consistently going through changes year by year. The voice a student had in high school will have different needs in the decades following. 


This level of variance leaves a great need for continuing education, relentless questioning, and the mentality of "life-long learning" from both student and teacher. Staying up to date not only on the latest research in voice and performance, but maintaining tangible, professional experience in the industry aids voice teachers in providing students with the tools that will set them up for success in their perspective fields. 


L E A R N   F R O M  A N Y W H E R E

Imagine high-quality voice training without having to leave the safety and comfort of your own home. It is an unprecedented time full of challenges. This doesn't mean you should have to put your voice on hold. Online voice lessons are ready and waiting for you.

How does it work? You will study with two electronic devices, and a bluetooth speaker . A computer or tablet to "zoom" on, and a phone or other music playing device for accompaniment tracks (preferably connected to a Bluetooth speaker for "umph"). That's it! You will be strategically guided through the rest.

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S T U D E N T   R A V E S
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"Maddie is without a doubt one of the best vocal teachers you will come across. After only a few months of lessons, I was singing like a new person. I feel confident that I have been given top-notch training and have the confidence I need to be successful in the Musical Theatre industry. I came in with some vocal issues (straining, fatigue and bad habits) and Maddie gave me tools to make sure that I was singing healthily and in a way that I could sustain. Not to mention she is the sweetest, kindest person you'll meet. I am forever grateful for Maddie and the tools she has given me."


"One of Maddie's most outstanding areas is vocal music. She is a brilliant singer and vocal pedagogue. Immediately following graduation from our Musical Theatre Program, she was hired as an adjunct private voice instructor. Her students have demonstrated excellent growth and she has become a solid component of our vocal faculty."


"Maddie has been a wonderful vocal coach for our 11 year old aspiring musical theater star. Her preparation, warm ups and song choices are fantastic. She has worked with Celeste on her stage presence and has given her the confidence to sing with abandon! I love how much she has grown as a singer in such a short time!"


Maddie is the best vocal teacher I have ever worked with. She goes above and beyond to make sure you understand the technique, and is always looking for ways to help you improve. Her background in voice as well as acting provides concise, effective feedback from a vocal and emotional perspective. Maddie understands the vulnerability that comes with singing and learning - I have never been more comfortable working in front of anyone else!




Growing up, I was surrounded by music. My mom was an accomplished performer and voice teacher and enrolled my siblings and me in music classes from a very young age. I loved it. Every second of it. I was definitely that "annoying musical theatre girl" in middle/high school.


Voice teachers in the area at the time were all classical. My mother had trained with a wonderful classical teacher and enrolled me in her studio in my early teens. But secretly, I loved to belt. I came of age at the time Wicked premiered on Broadway and I wanted nothing more than to sing those songs. Too scared to take such styles to my classical teacher, I taught myself how to belt. 


I got by with this self-built belt voice in high school and undergrad, but the truth of it was, my technique was unsustainable. Belting took so much work. I thought that was simply how it was supposed to feel. It's big and loud, so it must be effortful, right?




I did not get to experience the power of functional training until I had finished my undergraduate degree and went to certify in Somatic Voicework(TM) - The LoVetri Method with Shenandoah University in 2013. I felt transformed by the ease this science-based training brought me. And it was only a taste.  I knew I had to further my knowledge.


It would be another five years before I had the opportunity to fully study with Shenandoah University. The experience has truly changed my life. I could not have known how a teacher possessing the necessary patience and power of evidence-based voice training would foster such freedom, growth, and artistic expression. It is for this reason that I strive to share these tools with as many beautiful artists who come my way.  



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