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our very own"ped-head" support group

Hello, TEAM!


Or shall we say "Dream Team"?


Okay, pun aside.


You've invested your time, resources, energy, and all the tenacity ya got into refining you teaching skills so you can serve your students to the max capacity.  


But you know you want more. 


You value having a community of teachers from all different walks of life, all over the globe, but with the shared experience of completing Voice Function 101 and a commitment to Evidence Based Voice Training.


You're pretty freaking obsessed with continuing education and want to stay on top of the most up to date research without having to dig through all of it yourself.


And, DAMN, you want direct access mentor you trust to bounce ideas off of and work with as you continue on your voice pedagogy journey



Sounds like you're ready to join THE DREAM TEAM

What exactly does this fancy little group consist of? I'm SO glad you asked.

When you're a member of THE DREAM TEAM,  you benefit from fantabulous perks like:


1. The EVBW DREAM TEAM Facebook group; where we hang out, get our questions answered, share wins, discuss new research, offer referrals, and support our team-mates in their voice ped related ventures.

2. Monthly Pedhead Primers: 60 minute trainings taught my Maddie or guest artists on various pedagogy pain points offered monthly via Zoom September through May.

3. Access to open teaching hours (where you, our VIP guest, can observe Maddie teaching 1-on-1 clients).

4. First dibs + discounts to 1-on-1 drop-in bookings with Maddie. 

5. Continued access to Maddie via email, Marco Polo, or IG voice memo for those mind-melting moments when you just need a quick outside perspective (and like PRONTO).

Click below to sign up!

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