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Hello Rockstar!

So you've booked your drop-in session. Woo!! SO stoked!  


A few things you'll need to know before we dive in:


All lesson slots are 60 minutes long with 45-50 minutes of singing and 10-15 minutes of admin time dedicated to you. Traditional lesson time spent consists of:

  • 45-50  minutes of repertoire/exercise work. 

    • If you've booked specifically to work on rep, be sure to come warmed up so we can dive right in!

  • 10-15 minutes post singing of my private admin time (emailing sheet music, sending accompaniment tracks, note-taking, mental transition between students, etc.).

  • ​If you're not here for a traditional voice lesson, the time can abso-freaking-lutely be spent working through pedagogical questions in what ever way that helps to clarify your teaching.


For remote lessons we will use my zoom room. My zoom room ID will forever and always be:


You can also always dial in those last digits - 738 525 3300


You'll join this Zoom link at the time of your lesson and be put into a virtual waiting room until I'm ready for you.When you arrive we'll chat and get a feel for what your goals are and then dive right in!


How It Works

Warmups/vocalize will be guided through demonstration, one chord, and your starting pitch for each line.  Due to latency, the majority of this work will be a cappella (don't worry, I'll always play your starting pitch).  


All repertoire work will be sung with accompaniment connected to a Bluetooth speaker on your end from services like Youtube, Appcompanist, PianoTrax, or a personal recording from an accompanist.


So what do you need to set you up for success with online lessons? Here is my list of "required" tools. ;)



  • A strong internet connection.

  • Two devices One to Zoom on (usually a computer or tablet placed just above eye level) and one to play accompaniment tracks from (usually phone or tablet).

  • A track to your piece (YouTube, appcompanist, pianotrax, or any accompaniment of your choice)

Be sure to have original sound enabled for our session.




There are no refunds for 1-on-1 coachings. Should you need to cancel, you can rebook your session for a new fee. Sound strict? Maybe. Motivate us all to show the heck up? Absolutely!

That's it! Come with a clear idea of your goals for the four lessons; challenges you've been dealing with, a concept you want to clear up, rep you want to work/clean.  I'll walk you through the rest. Can't wait to see you!


Let's get singing. :)


Recording Session

Questions? Feel free to reach out.

IG: @maddietarboxvocalstudio

TikTok @voicefunction101

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