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M A D D I E  T A R B O X


lets get singing


I see you there.

You’re a career driven performer.


You don’t just do this for the heck of it.


You understand that to be competitive in this industry, you have to train like an athlete.


You also know that your voice is usually a casting director's first introduction to the quality of your work.


But more often than not you’re singing on a hope and a prayer.


You’re so stuck trying to successfully execute “placing the sound in your unicorn horn” (wondering why it hasn’t worked since that one voice lesson) that you can barely  tell the damn story.


 What if there was a better way? 

Hi!  My name is Maddie Tarbox.


I’m an evidence-based voice specialist focused on helping musical theatre professionals like yourself claim true efficiency, consistency, and authenticity in their voices and performances.


Gone are the days of quick fixes, inconsistent imagery, and one right way to do it. 


You’re here to do the work. To actually understand the inner workings your voice (maybe for the first time in your life). And to engage in true ownership of your instrument.


When you dig-into this process, hoping and praying turns into an exquisite integration of mastery and skill.


And some bad-ass storytelling.


So let's do it.


Let's get singing.





L E A R N   F R O M  A N Y W H E R E

Imagine high-quality voice training without having to leave the safety and comfort of your own home. It is an unprecedented time full of challenges. This doesn't mean you should have to put your voice on hold. Online voice lessons are ready and waiting for you.

How does it work? You will study with two electronic devices, and a bluetooth speaker . A computer or tablet to "zoom" on, and a phone or other music playing device for accompaniment tracks (preferably connected to a Bluetooth speaker for "umph"). That's it! You will be strategically guided through the rest.

Find out more about booking here.

S T U D E N T   R A V E S
Makayla Headshot.jpg

"Maddie is without a doubt one of the best vocal teachers you will come across. After only a few months of lessons, I was singing like a new person. I feel confident that I have been given top-notch training and have the confidence I need to be successful in the Musical Theatre industry. I came in with some vocal issues (straining, fatigue and bad habits) and Maddie gave me tools to make sure that I was singing healthily and in a way that I could sustain. Not to mention she is the sweetest, kindest person you'll meet. I am forever grateful for Maddie and the tools she has given me."

"Singing with Maddie is something I can consistently look forward to every single week. She creates a space where I feel safe to explore my voice, and adapts her teaching methods to ways that work best for me to learn as a student. Everything from posture, to muscular functions, to vocal pedagogy, to acting through song is brought to her lessons and broken down into easily understood concepts. I end each session having learned way more about my own voice and vocal performance than I had before. It’s rare to find a teacher as passionate and knowledgeable as she is, and an it’s an absolute gift to work with her."

Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 8.54_edited.jpg

There really aren’t enough good things I can say about Maddie as a person, teacher and mentor. She has helped my voice improve in ways I did not even think possible and even more importantly has helped me actually understand my voice. From day one she was eager to get to know me, my strengths and opportunities, my likes and dislikes and has continued to make each lesson so personalized. I have never felt so comfortable making mistakes and being myself, free of any judgement, in a voice lesson before. Her passion for teaching is radiant and infectious. She has taught me to love the voice I have and the artist I am.

Maddie is incredibly knowledgeable and unendingly supportive. I have come to her with multiple issues (straining and overexertion, among other things) and she has not only given me multiple ways to tackle the problem, she explains the science; the how and why my vocal mechanism is reacting in that way. I have no doubt that she truly cares about her students and her passion for teaching shines through in every lesson. Maddie is one of the kindest and most loving people I know and I always leave my lessons feeling more confident and proud of my abilities.


MaKayla- Collins

Jordan Champe

Maggie Mae

Lara Vo



Growing up, I was surrounded by music. My mom was an accomplished performer and voice teacher and enrolled my siblings and me in music classes from a very young age. I loved it. Every second of it. I was definitely that standard musical theatre girl in middle/high school.


Voice teachers in the area at the time were all classical. My mother had trained with a wonderful classical teacher and enrolled me in her studio in my early teens. But secretly, I loved to belt. I came of age at the time Wicked premiered on Broadway and I wanted nothing more than to sing those songs. Too scared to take such styles to my classical teacher, I taught myself how to belt. 


I got by with this self-built belt "technique" in high school and undergrad, but the truth of it was, my technique was unsustainable. Belting took so much work. I thought that was simply how it was supposed to feel. It's big and loud, so it must be effortful, right?




I did not get to experience the power of functional training until I had finished my undergraduate degree and went to certify in Somatic Voicework(TM) - The LoVetri Method with Shenandoah University in 2013. I felt transformed by the ease this science-based training brought me. And it was only a taste.  I knew I had to further my knowledge.


It would be another five years before I had the opportunity to fully study with Shenandoah University. The experience has truly changed my life. I could not have known how a teacher possessing the necessary patience and power of evidence-based voice training would foster such freedom, growth, and artistic expression. It is for this reason that I strive to share these tools with as many beautiful artists who come my way.  



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