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As a studio member you truly are the heart of the studio. Your commitment to consistent training will take you farther than you ever thought possible. Some of the amazing studio member benefits include:

  • 40 Lessons a year (full time) 

  • 20 Lessons a year (part time) 

  • Your consistent time-slot.

  • Bi-monthly group lessons with fellow studio members

  • Guaranteed showcase slot each year.

  • Various in-studio add-on selections for further development.

  • Complete access to studio repertoire and warm-up resources.

This is not your normal voice lesson setup. This is a comprehensive vocal education with your artistry at the center of everything we do. When you join the studio you are a member a community. When you join the studio you learn the that training of your heart and mind is just as important as the technical aspects of your instrument. When you join the studio you refine the skills that allow the story telling lead the way.


Let's be clear. Studio membership is no joke. It takes real commitment. But it will easily be one of the most rewarding artistic investments you will make in your career.

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Studio Member
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I see you. You're crazy interested in all the amazing things evidence-based voice training can offer, but you're needing a little more flexibility. Or maybe you're just wanting to try it out before you commit to studio membership. Either way, I got you. Here's how it works:


Drop-in sessions meet in the studio or online via Zoom to work through your current voice needs. All lesson slots are 60 minutes long with 45-50 minutes of singing and 10-15 minutes of admin time dedicated to you. Be sure to come with:

  • A clear purpose; why are you here today? What do we need to get done? Email me goals and any necessary sheet music before the lesson.

  • General 5-10 minute warm-up before we meet (lip buzzes, hums, straw slurs, etc).

  • Plenty of practice and preparation in between drop-in sessions.

  • Accompaniment tracks if meeting via Zoom.

  • Printed music and your own personal binder to hold it.

Drop-in slots are few and far-between and available on a first come-first served basis. Availability for the upcoming month will be posted on the first of the month via this link and updated as needed, so check early and check often!


"Reboot Your Book"


"Reboot Your Book" is our 12 - week training program for professional/pre-professional performers looking to refine their audition material. Why 12 weeks? Because the traditional audition book has  10-12 songs. You see where I'm going with this? Ehhh?

Over the course of these weeks you'll be put into a group with 3-4 other vocalists. We will meet each week for 90 minutes via Zoom to work out specifics in your chosen cut for the week. Here's the breakdown:


  • Week1: Golden-Age Ballad

  • Week 2: Contemporary Ballad

  • Week 3: Golden-Age Up-tempo

  • Week 4: Contemporary Up-Tempo

  • Week 5: Early Rock n' Roll

  • Week 6: Review/Revisit/Refine (any material that felt "iffy")

  • Week 7: Contemporary Pop/Rock

  • Week 8: Country

  • Week 9: Disney

  • Week 10: Sondheim

  • Week 11: Jazz Standard/Great American Songbook

  • Week 12: Finals week! Random selection.


Feedback ranges from vocal adjustments to story-telling to presentation. We often look at whether the chosen piece is even serving you (or if it's time to find a new 16 bars that shows off who you really are). 


In addition to the in-class magic, you'll receive a weekly email with the specs of the upcoming section, weekly expectations, and suggested repertoire playlists if you're needing new material.  

Reboot Your Book
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